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The health consultation services offered at Sage Plus are all about you and your health. We work with you to keep you in your best shape. Mainstream medicine focuses on fixing a problem, so it is constantly playing “catch up” with your health. Our goal is to make sure you are living your best life.

Our success comes in collaborating with your doctors and analyzing your lab work. We look for clues in your lab work, diagnosis from your doctors and your daily activities and habits to tackle any concerns you have with your health and try to address them before they become problematic in your life. We take all the pieces of the puzzle to look at the big picture with what goes on with your health.

Almost everyone is focused on a million other things and as a result most people take their health for granted and tend to neglect any self care. They just “go with the flow” with any health concerns they may have and see health services only when a problem arises.

Ignoring underlying health issues can create a significant health risk, and it can become a more serious problem when it is addressed too late. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff work with you personally to identify the issues that can be treated or managed now, before they become a larger concern.

Health Consultation

Another problem people have is that they are bombarded with answers found online, this can create unnecessary anxiety about your health concerns. At Sage Plus we dive deeper using information like lab results and genetic testing to answer the questions you have about your health. Each person is unique, this means not all health questions have the same answer, at Sage Plus we find answer specifically for you.

Too often do we ignore underlying health issues and health risks, not addressing it until it begins to have a larger negative impact on our lives. Or we’re too bombarded with answers from online sources and are stuck with unanswered questions like ‘which answer is right’, ‘which solution applies to me?’ or ‘is this even effective?’ At Sage Plus we take the time with you to make sure you have all the information and answers you need.

Why is Sage Plus Unique?

At Sage Plus we are proficient in both Holistic and mainstream medicine. We follow traditional Canadian Health Guidelines and blend Holistic and mainstream practices to optimize your path to wellness. The clinical pharmacists at Sage Plus think outside the box and find solutions that would bring your body to its full potential.

Collaboration is a huge factor to our success in keeping you in your best shape. We work with your naturopath, medical doctors, family doctors and other health care service providers to get the full picture of what’s going on with your body. When having all the pieces together, we are able to determine the most efficient and optimal medical care for you.

Our health consultations aren’t just about giving you a plan and telling you what to do. We put things into perspective for you in a way that’s easy to understand. We want you to know how your body works and why certain solutions are optimal for you personally than others.

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