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Managing your Health

Our experienced Clinical Pharmacists provide comprehensive consultations and services to help you feel your best.

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See your health differently

At Sage Plus we are much more than a pharmacy. Our clinical pharmacists use their experience and vast medical knowledge to help solve the root of your condition, illness or disorder. Combining traditional medication, supplements and holistic treatments Sage Plus is able to provide care rarely found anywhere else.

The clinical pharmacists at Sage Plus can take a deeper look at your medical records and testing to help identify underlying issues. We provide in depth consultations and comprehensive testing such as Genomics (DNA testing) to understand you personally.

Your health is our priority and we utilize a number of different medical avenues to provide solutions that will have you at your healthiest.

Health Consultations

WellnessPlus Programs


At Sage Plus we provide custom wellness solutions. Our WellnessPlus™ programs allow our clinical pharmacists to provide personalized wellness solutions.

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Online Health Consulations

Online Health

Receive the same in-depth, knowledgeable and private consultations from our experienced clinical pharmacists from the comfort of your own home.

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Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness

A healthy workplace has numerous positive impacts. Our expert clinical pharmacists can provide health consultations for your employees at your workplace.

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Supplement Consultations


Let our experts help you strategize the optimal neutraceutical/ pharmaceutical routine for you, ensuring that you receive the most out of your time and money.

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Health Services

DNA Testing

(DNA Testing)

We provide genetic DNA testing testing that can help you understand your makeup and the impact it has on your health. We work with your DNA roadmap.

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Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss

At Sage Plus our experts help establish an eating plan for weight loss and health optimization, as well as nutrition information and weight loss strategies.

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Travel Health Clinic


Protecting your health while travelling abroad is very important. Contracting an illness while travelling can ruin your trip, let our experts help prevent this.

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Vaccination Clinic


Here at Sage Plus we can administer provincially funded vaccinations offered by Alberta Health. This includes influenza vaccines and more.

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So Much More Than a Pharmacy

At Sage Plus we are more than happy to fill your prescriptions, but we won’t stop there. We think outside the box and don’t have the same philosophy as many other pharmacies. We believe that money shouldn’t be required to receive proper care, just like how money can’t buy love. To us care comes from the right people and we believe we are the right people.

We do not believe that pharmacies should be the last place an unwell person stops before heading home with their prescription in hand. In our eyes care should not start once someone becomes unwell. We do not believe that people should accept living their lives in pain. Living a long life is nothing if your are not living it well.

We see our patients as family members, no matter your income, age or social status we treat everyone equally. Your health and happiness matters to us just as much as it does to you. Visit us and find out just how committed we are to making sure our patients feel their best.

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