Learn More About your Health with DNA Testing

Within your DNA is a roadmap to achieve optimal health and wellness. Genetic testing can help you understand your makeup and the impact it has on your health.

​During the consult, we work with your DNA roadmap and provide an action/ monitoring plan moving you closer to your goals. Everything we do will be personalized and catered to your needs.

DNA Testing Instructions are being given

How is DNA Genomics Helpful to My Health? What are they Testing?

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are common genetic variations that explain many of the differences among individuals. Knowing which SNPs you carry enables us to more effectively treat you and your individual health needs.

How can WellnessPlus™ Genomics Optimize my Health?

​While over 10 million SNPs are known, only a few have clinical significance.
By providing concise reports with supplement recommendations, WellnessPlus™ Genomics allows us to provide specialized nutritional support based on your genetic makeup.

How Much does this Cost?

We use a variety of DNA genetic testing kits as a source of raw data. You can use your existing test results or we can provide an anonymous kit for $260 (includes collecting fee). Our initial consultation is $200 and we charge $60 to upload your genetic raw data into our genomic interpretation software. Subsequent consultations are $100 per 60 minutes.

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