• WellnessPlus™ Pay as you Go provides valuable health information and autonomy to make decisions. The Pay as you Go WellnessPlus™ program allows you to book consultation with our expert clinical pharmacists as you need them. If you only need advice or information from our clinical pharmacists from time to time this is the perfect program for you. Get professional advice and answers without sorting through online information that may or may not be valid. WellnessPlus™ Pay as you go offers private phone/ chat/ Skype consults from the comfort of your home. Once you order your pay as you go consultation we will reach out to you to schedule your consultation. The Perfect Fit for your Lifestyle Get specific answers and advice from the privacy of your home. Answers from Professionals Our pharmacists Joyce & Kendra, personally answer your questions. Specific to your Needs Google is overwhelming, ask us and receive direct answers!
  • With the Gold Membership, you receive up to twenty-six 30 minute sessions per membership year, for your personal consultations. Reliable Advice when you want it Empowering You to Optimize your Health through Health Information. A lot of information is available on the internet, but what is relevant to you? Start by asking us. Mind and Body Wellness Seeking health information online is frustrating. Information overload is a common problem and you end up doing more harm than good. Simplify your life so that you can focus on the things you love to do.
  • When you register for our WellnessPlus™ Platinum Membership you receive unlimited consultations with our clinical pharmacists throughout your membership year. With our Platinum Membership, you get a comprehensive approach to health management, members will have access to services that will help them achieve the most of their health.
    Services Included
    • Personalized health screening that includes the initial WellnessPlus™ Genomics initial consult
    • Individualize immunization information (where applicable)
    • Comprehensive Travel health (once per membership cycle)
    • Certified Diabetes Educator services
    • Initial assessment of nutraceutical/ pharmaceutical compatibility
    • Medication management therapy
    • Disease state management as per Canadian guidelines
    • Orthomolecular balancing for nutrition/ mental wellness
    • Proactively prevent disease states by ordering/ interpreting lab work for optimizing wellness (where applicable)
    • On-going nutraceutical/ pharmaceutical advise
    • Wellness education, the holistic approach
    • Halt the Tobacco™ program

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